M/s Spin cast solution Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of Centrifugal casting Machine manufacturing Co in India of The Centrifugal Casting Machine Co (CCMCO) Tulsa Oklahoma US, the world’s oldest and largest exclusive manufacturer of horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting Machines. CCMCO’s extensive machine line is built to handle the most demanding customer applications. Our machinery ranges from simple, manually operated equipment to fully automated systems utilizing programmable logic controllers and robotics.

We can supply process control options that allow precise, repeatable control of casting parameters for experimentation purposes or high quality casting production. The type of machine and level of automation required will depend on your specific requirements. In conjunction with the sale of our machines, we supply complete technical information necessary for the machine foundation, installation, operation, speeds, washes, pouring rates, etc., including a complete Centrifugal Casting Manual. We also supply a copy of our Mold Design Manual that will allow you to design molds to be operated on the machines.We are pioneer of defense based product Machine in centrifugal process.