• These machines require a foundation pit to be built. They are mounted below floor level.
  • Vertical centrifugal casting machines can be used to cast both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • These machines are equipped with gas mold heating, water cooled shafts, water cooling and variable speed drives.
  • Vertical machines are often chosen to produce castings that are wider in diameter than they are taller in height.
  • The vertical process is also use for the semi-centrifugal process in which castings are not purely cylindrical in shape. These include castings that require a taper, are flanged on both ends or have other special features to take into consideration.

Standard Features

  • Internal shaft and bearing water cooling
  • Mold heating system for mold maintenance
  • Pouring funnels or systems
  • Free-Standing operators console
  • PLC/Touchscreen controls
  • Oil mist lubrication of spinners bearings
  • Spinner Bearing temperature monitor
  • Mold adapter table
  • Permanent molds and/or mold designs
  • Mold wash and application system
  • Metal weighing system

Technology and Services (Supplied as Required)

  • Centrifugal Casting “Works” Manuals
  • Operational parameters for specific customer applications
  • Mold wash formulations
  • 12 Month equipment warranty
  • Machine startup and/or field training

Models and Specifications:

Model WT. LIMIT(LBS) Casting Size OD MIN. Casting Size OD MAX. Casting Length MIN Casting Length MAX
VRM 100000 Select
VH 75000 Select
VF 50000 Select
VSC 30000 Select
G 20000
D 10000 65
C 5000 54 Select
A 1200 30 30